Monday Karma was created to help WashU students benefit from the wisdom of recent alumni.

In 2017, a fellow WashU alum with a high profile job told me how they receive multiple requests per week from current students asking for career advice, but only have time to talk with one per month. I realized this was a scalability problem and solvable. The one-to-one approach was not efficient for the alum, who had limited time and was often telling the same story over and over, or for the students, whose questions went unanswered. By interviewing alumni and publishing their stories, the alum tells their story once and thousands of students can read it. Hence, a one-to-thousands approach. Scalability problem solved.

If you want to hear from an alum at a specific company or want advice on a specific topic, send me a note via Contact or Linkedin.

Thank you,
Mark C. Pydynowski, BSBA 2004


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